D2KDay is officially on August 8th each year, however we encourage you to host an event anytime during August.

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2017 Events



Date: 5 August 2017

Event name: Death Dinner Party

Event details: Death Dinner Party: What's the Alternative?

We live in a society that is safe, abundant and free. But it’s also a society in which we long ago gave away our connection with death and dying. We’ve outsourced it to nursing homes and funeral corporations. We’ve lost knowledge, traditions and rituals. One of the biggest things we’ve lost is choice – choice in how we die and choice in how we are farewelled. 

But what if there was a new choice – to live forever. Would you take it? 

At this Death Dinner Party winter feast, two very different speakers – an end-of-life consultant and a molecular biologist and transhumanist – will talk to us about death and choice: from making empowered, meaningful decisions about how we die, through to the ultimate choice – to not die at all.

Venue address: Donkey Wheel House, 673 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Event time: 6pm

Contact Person: Ruby Lohman

Email: hello@deathdinnerparty.com

Phone: (No phone number)

Event Website: www.deathdinnerparty.com

RSVP required?: Yes




Date: Monday, August 7th 2017

Event name: What are you Dying2Know? Free Community Awareness Day

Event details: 

Keynote Speaker Dr. Yvonne McMaster
Solicitor Baker and Borthwick
Michelle Shiel, NSW Ambulance
Margaret Bavaro, Aged Care Options
Patricia Lowe, Community Pall. Care
Jason Nicholson, Funeral Director.

Venue address: Tuncurry Beach Bowling Club, 21, Parkes Street, Tuncurry

Event time: 10am-12noon

Contact Person: Elizabeth Fisher

Email: rob.eliz@bigpond.com

Phone: 02-6555-5781

RSVP required?: No


Date: Tuesday 8th August, 2017

Event name: Tender Funerals Open Afternoon & Evening

***PLEASE NOTE there are 2 events!!***

Event details: This is an opportunity for our community to come and see Tender Funerals now that we are open and operational. Join us for 90 minutes at the Tender Funerals Fire Station for an educational talk on how you can have an empowered, personalised and community driven funeral, followed by a tour of the building and our mortuary. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get to know our funeral directors Jenny Briscoe-Hough and Amy Sagar. Come and join our Tender community for Dying To Know Day!

Venue address: Tender Funerals, 99 Military Road, Port Kembla NSW

Event time: 2pm until 3:30pm AND 5:30pm until 7pm

Contact Person: Amy Sagar

Email: amy@tenderfunerals.org

Phone: 0413 713 776

Event Website: tenderfunerals.org

RSVP required?: Yes


Date: 8th August

Event name: Dying to Know Day Q & A

Event details: What do you want to know? We don't like to talk about death, especially our own, but it's a conversation that we need to have. If you're confused about the legalities or how you want to be remembered, come along and get your questions answered! 

Guests include:
Asha Dooley, Funeral Director from Blue Mountains Funerals
Katherine Howes, Lawyer from Digital Age Lawyers
Nimmi Woods, Funeral Celebrant
Linda Campbell, End of Life Doula from Walking with You

Refreshments provided. Numbers are limited so book your place on 0492 787 816 or linda@walkingwithyou.com.au.

Venue address: 20 Mile Hollow Cafe, 68 Great Western Highway, Woodford, Blue Mountains

Event time: 7pm to 9pm

Contact Person: Linda Campbell

Email: linda@walkingwithyou.com.au

Phone: 0402 797 816

Event Website: Facebook https://goo.gl/yJ888s

RSVP required?: Yes


Date: Tuesday 8th August 2017

Event name: Death Cafe

Event details: Informal get-together in a quiet space where people can share experiences, ask questions and have a conversation about death and dying. Tea/coffee and treats are available for purchase. The event will be facilitated by Michael Barbato, a retired palliative care doctor

Venue address: Speak n Easy Cafe 45-51 Collins Street Kiama, NSW

Event time: 10am to 12 midday (the latest)

Contact Person: Michael Barbato

Email: michael.barbato6@gmail.com

Phone: 0421 714 048 or 02 4233 2643

RSVP required?: Yes



Date: August 6th 2017

Event name: Yoga & The Art of Dying

Event details (provide a brief overview of the speakers and/or topics): Yoga & The Art of Dying
Q&A Panel of Yogis Exploring Death, Dying & Beyond

“To truly live, we must first confront and conquer our fear of death”
~ Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda

Fear of death is a major cause of human suffering. Would you like to live a joyful, purposeful life and face death fearlessly? Explore the yogic perspective of death. Be inspired by powerful stories of ordinary people's extraordinary passing. Take practical steps towards creating a conscious death plan for yourself and learn how to support loved ones on the ultimate journey. Bring your questions! Our panel have a wealth of wisdom and real life experience to share.

= Meet The Panel =
Bring your questions, our speakers have a wealth of wisdom and real life experience to share.

Radha Krishna Das has studied and taught yoga philosophy for 40 years and has immersed himself in the yogic perspective on life and death. He has been present and assisted at the successful passing of yogis, friends and family members.

Caitanya Das has been living with advanced cancer for 15 years. Through meditation and yoga wisdom, he has overcome his fear of death and learned to live life more joyfully.

Maladhar Dasi has intimate knowledge of the dying process and can expertly assist people in knowing what to expect, how to create a plan for a conscious death and how family members can support a loved one who is dying. Maladhar Dasi has assisted many people to die like yogis and has created a sanctuary where people can come to die in a peaceful, conscious way.

Venue address: Fradgley Hall, Park Avenue, Burleigh Heads, Queensland

Event time: 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Contact Person: Samantha Doyle

Email: sami@asmy.org.au

Phone: 0405 910 345

Event Website: http://asmy.org.au/event/yoga-art-dying/

RSVP required?: Yes


Date: Tuesday 8th August 2017

Event name: Dying to Know: a journey of life, loss and renewal

Event details: Just as fallen leaves nourish the earth, a death can enrich love, relationships and connections- the human story that lies between birth and death. This is an intergenerational collaboration exploring death and renewal through the eyes of high school student photographers. Over series of 6 workshops, the students will be mentored by master photographer and elder, Colin Beard.

The developing artists will exhibit their work as part of this year's Dying to Know Day (8th August) at The Shared in Yandina and Horizon Festival (25th August to 3rd September) at Nambour Social and The Old Ambo.

Colin Beard is regarded as one of Australia’s foremost creative photographers. His decorated career commenced in the 1960s photographing rock legends including The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin & The Doors. His work in fashion, lifestyle and travel magazines such as the Bulletin, Vogue, Dolly, Cleo, Go-Set and Australian Geographic, has set new benchmarks in fashion photography and reportage. Books such as The Mountain Men, The River People, Sacred Places and Starlight’s Trail reflect his deep interest in landscape and social commentary.

Venue address: The Shared, 13 Railway St, Yandina QLD

Event time: 6pm

Contact Person: John Endacott

Email: john.endacott@health.qld.gov.au

Phone: 07 5479 9833

RSVP required?: No



Date: 06.08.2017

Event name: Dying to Know

Event details: 

Join us for an educational seminar entitled “Dying to Know”. 
Sunday 6th August 2017, Moonah Arts Centre
9.45am – 3.00pm
We have an amazing line up of dedicated and passionate speakers for you to hear from and you will have the opportunity to ask all questions you’ve always thought about.
* Jencie Harrington – Tierney Law
* Carolyn Singh – Integrity of Care
* Lynne Jarvis – Jumave Natural Death Care  
* Mea Souris – Peace Pods
.... and more!

Venue address: Moonah Arts Centre, 23-27 Albert Rd, Moonah

Event time: Dying to Know

Contact Person: Jan Quilliam

Email: jmareequi@hotmail.com

Phone: 0448822152

RSVP required?: Yes



Date: Saturday 05 August 2017

Event name: Dying to Know Day Gathering at a Hotel

Event details: 

> Welcome and introduction to session
> Starter resources on tables
> Individuals free to choose their preferred table
> Individuals free to use the starter resources as an initial discussion trigger
> Individuals free to join other tables/swop tables
> A group 'round up' at the end to enable participants to share anything they wish
> Wrap up

Venue address: Bealey's Speights Ale House, Bealey Ave, Christchurch, New Zealand

Event time: 1.00 - 2.30 pm

Contact Person: Sue Dwan

Email: sue@dwanandassociates.com

Phone: 021 802 593

RSVP required?: Yes