Molly Carlile AM

deathtalker, writer, arts and health practitioner, health executive

"Dying to Know Day is about us getting together with people we care about, sharing our hopes and fears and growing our understanding of death in order to live more fully. Let's not wait until it's too late to have meaningful conversations. D2K Day is our golden ticket to talking about death"

Molly Carlile AM is a multi-award winning palliative care activist, author and international speaker. Known as ‘the Deathtalker’ ®, she supports people to become informed about death and grief in order to live life fully. Molly's motto as the Deathtalker is ‘the more we talk, the less we fear’. “This doesn’t mean being fixated on death conversations it means having the conversations, informing people and empowering them and then getting on with the business of living.”

Molly is the Chief Executive Officer of a large community palliative care service in Melbourne and previously held the role of General Manager, Innovation and Integrated Cancer Services at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre, Austin Health where she also held the positions of Manager, Palliative Care Services and Manager, Arts in Healthcare. Molly’s passion for the arts saw her establish an innovative arts program that encompasses visual, performance and participatory arts in the Centre, in addition to participation in a number of research projects evaluating the impact of the arts on patients, families, visitors and staff. Her latest book, The Death Talker explores myths, tells real stories and empowers ordinary people to become better informed in order to live and die in their own way.