Leave to Grieve. How can you take action for D2KDay?

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Memoleaves was founded by 3 women with a passion to make a difference in the community. Samantha Bladon, a Psychotherapist, Kinesiologist, and End of Life Consultant, Lauren Martyn, a creative media and educational specialist and Yael Naidoo, a photographer and videographer. Their intention is to stimulate reflection, conversation and connection, and finding common ground through sharing stories. 


Memoleaves.com is a website devoted to sharing your stories about grief and end of life. It is a place where you can go to write about your loss, bereavement and pain to help in your healing process. We are meaning-making creatures and do this by the telling and sharing of our stories. Our philosophy is based on the healing arts, where writing about pain and trauma can help in the recovery process. When you visit Memoleaves you can contribute, connect with others or find services and support. Everyone is welcome.

In Australia, when someone in your family dies the standard bereavement leave is 2 days.  Get your head around that? We want the Australian Federal Government to extend bereavement leave entitlement from 2 days to 10 days. 2 days is not enough time to attend to our deceased loved one, plan and have their funeral and grieve. That’s why we have started a petition to extend bereavement leave.

Approximately a quarter of the population are casually employed, therefore not entitled to other forms of leave. No one should be worried about job security while in the early grief.

We are asking for the provision for 12 weeks unpaid extended bereavement leave to be made available within the first 12 months, for individuals requiring extended leave as advised by a GP.

You can help us to make more time to Leave to Grieve

  1. Visit memoleave website and sign our Leave to Grieve petition

  2. Take a few minutes to do our survey

  3. Share the petition on social media Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest

  4. Change your facebook profile in support of Leave to Grieve  

  5. Use #leavetogrieve on all your social media comments.

  6. Share your story about your loss and grief over at the memoleaves website.  We’d love to hear from you. Do you have a stories about an employer who has shown their compassion in leading the way. Tell us a stories about how your employer responded when you needed their support the most.

  7. Upload a video to your social media telling us, “I support Leave to Grieve.” Don’t forget  #leavetogrieve, or tag @memoleaves.

  8. Make an appointment with your local member of parliament or your trade union and tell them why you support Leave to Grieve.

Let’s give more time for our loved ones... # Leave to Grieve.

We want to live in a more compassionate society. 100% of us will die, and grief is an inevitable companion to death.

Media enquiries: Sam Bladon samantha@memoleaves.com 0414 289 445

   Lauren Martyn lauren@memoleaves.com 0403 763 407


This blog is part of the ‘Did You Know?’ blog series where D2KDay is bringing to life conversations and information around death, dying and bereavement.