New #D2KDay Posters!

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Over the years the #D2KDay community has shared so many wonderful tips about what to do when people are dying, caring and grieving.

We are delighted to bring some of these together into 4 brand new #D2KDay posters.

Use them at events, share them online, put them up at your workplace or hang them on the back of the toilet door!

They can all help to start conversations, and remind people that when it comes to supporting other people at the end of life, there are things we can all do.

Free to download and use, the posters are:

  • How have you cared for someone who is dying?

  • What song do you want played at your funeral?

  • What do you wish for the end of your life?

  • How do you start a conversation about death?

Click here to download.

We’ll be using these to continue our conversations online too, so look out for them on Facebook and add your tips to them.