Welcome to the 7th Annual Dying to Know Day!

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Death; It Takes All of Us. 

We hope you like the pun! 

Welcome to the 7Th Annual Dying to Know Day.
A month long festival of community conversations about death and dying. 

Looking through the 169 (and counting!) events this year. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many local media stories previously.

We at GroundSwell notice the overwhelming prevalence of food at events! So much food.
There are afternoon teas, death over drinks, death café, wine and die, death by chocolate buffet (we’re going to that one!). The topics range from ‘bring a momento’, plan your funeral, paint your coffin, hear from the experts, create your bucket list, write your advance care plan. 

The event holders are palliative care people, funeral people, doula people and just....well people!

The NSW Minister for Health Brad Hazzard is opening an Advance Care Planning event at Northern Beaches Hospital, we’ll make sure he has one of our special limited edition tea towels ;) 

It’s another great campaign for us all. 

The theme: Death. It Takes All of Us.
Let’s connect with more people to grow support for dying and grief.
Let’s empower each other and others that need it through developing our collective death literacy. 

A new partnership this year, thanks to the prior work of Andrea Grindrod and Bruce Rumbold at La Trobe Uni, we tailored some D2KDay resources for the Municipal Association of Victoria, encouraging all Victorian councils to declare their support for community involvement in end of life conversations. We’ve had interest from over 30% of Victorian councils and are seeing new partnerships form in some of their communities as a result.

Beyond the obvious need to talk about death because death is changing and is not what it once was, Death; It Takes all of Us invites those working in the end of life space to partner with each other more, especially with the community groups who are awesome at rallying the community together to form networks of care (Dr John Rosenberg is doing great work on partnerships so check him out). And get in touch with us at GroundSwell to find out how we can help. 

We live in complex times politically and socially in Australia. But one thing is for sure.
We will die one day.
We will suffer the death of someone we love deeply.
We will be called upon to help.
And we will have an opportunity to build connection and community through death.
A coordinated, compassionate community response by local people towards their neighbours, colleagues and friends has never been more important. 

This is our aim. 

We thank the pioneers of this movement and pay homage to you.
To our Founders Dr Kerrie Noonan and Dr Peta Murray.
Our deep respect for the volunteers, the professionals, the artists, the journos, the community organisers. 

We thank you.

A final word from an event host Annie in NZ who shared recently: 

“It feels really supportive to host an event knowing so many others are also doing it on that same day. It is like being part of an invisible army!”

The power of togetherness, the power of communities.

Happy Dying to Know Day, let’s do this!

Jessie Williams,

The GroundSwell Project