D2KDay Resources

***2016 Orders are currently being taken. All orders will be posted Monday July 25th***

D2KDay Chatterboxes
from 15.00

D2KDay chatterboxes are available online however we have had many requests for pre-cut, glossy ones too! So here you go!

  • Printed in Full Colour - Double Sided

  • On 80gsm Premium Laser

Prices include postage (unless you are overseas - contact us first and we'll do a quote for you)

Any questions? contact kerrie@thegroundswellproject.com

happy chatting!

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Dying to know books
from 23.50
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Dying To Know Day: event pack

This is a great pack for events.

  • 20 postcards
  • 30 bumper stickers
  • 6 A4 posters
  • 10 discussion card packs
  • 20 chatterboxes

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Dying To Know Day: book discussion starter pack

The Dying To Know Day book pack is a great way to start conversations with a small group. Perfect for home or your workplace.

It contains:

  • 1 Dying to know book
  • 5 Postcards
  • 6 stickers
  • 3 A4 posters
  • 1 set Death Literacy discussion cards
  • 3 chatterboxes

Price Includes postage. 

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Dying To Know Day: chatterbox pack
from 30.00

So you love our chatterboxes too? 

A fun way to start a serious conversation.

Printed in full colour on glossy 80gsm all you need to do is fold! We suggest you give the chatterboxes to your guests to fold! 

This pack contains:

  • 10 postcards
  • 12 bumper stickers
  • TWO SIZES small: 20 chatterboxes OR large: 50 chatterboxes

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Bumper Stickers
from 3.00

Want to tell the world you are up for a chat about deathly matters?

Ready to wear your death awareness on your sleeve? (well... your car window or laptop/tablet even?)

Brighten up any car with these lovelies. Voted for by The GroundSwell Facie group these are a fun way to get the message out for Dying To Know Day.

3 vinyl stickers with slogans:

  • 10/10 people die. Are you ready?
  • Death, The last great adventure (prepare for it well)
  • Talk about death it won't kill you

Size: stickers are 20 x 5 cms.

Postage Included. All you need to do is decide if you want 1, 3, 12 or 30! If you are hosting a larger event you can grab a pack of 90 or 180 too. 

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Dying To Know Day: start a conversation pack

You've got to start the conversation somewhere... here is a great place.  A great set of resources to share with your mates.

  • 6 postcards
  • 3 bumper stickers
  • 3 sets of discussion cards (each pack has 16 cards)
  • 3 chatterboxes

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