Dr Pia Interlandi

fashion designer, natural death advocate, funeral celebrant

"Being a D2K Day Ambassador is a privilege which allows me to share my experience and knowledge with all of those who are Dying to Know."

Pia began her journey into the funeral industry through somewhat winding paths having initially gained degree in fashion design. Her design work often incorporated death as a scientific and psychological concept for exploring life’s transient qualities, leading to a PhD at RMIT in 2012. Her PhD included the groundbreaking 'Pig Project'. This research investigated the role of ritual and the effect of garments on the decomposition of biological tissues, and the effect of decomposition on garments in a ‘Natural Earth Burial’ scenario.

Pia is an advocate for Natural Burial after having been involved with more than 100 funerals at Clandon Wood Natural Burial Reserve in the UK. Since returning to Australia she has set up the Natural Death Advocacy Network an organisation advocating for the establishment of designated Natural Burial grounds around Australia. Pia's goal is to offer what was available at Clandon Wood (which recently won the award for the best Natural Burial Ground in the UK), to my community.