D2KDay Resources

This is where you will find a range of resources to help you make your D2KDay event as successful as possible. From posters to books you can purchase and to creative conversation starters you can download and print yourself. 

If you have any questions get in touch: kerrie@thegroundswellproject.com

Free downloadable resources from 2013-2017 can still be found HERE.  

Event Packs



The 'What to know before you go...' 2018 D2KDay posters are downloadable so you can print your own or you can also buy some.  



The 'What to know before you go...' 2018 D2KDay postcards are a great way to start a conversation about D2KDay and to advertise your event.


Bumper Stickers

Our ever popular D2KDay stickers. 

Brighten up any car or laptop with these lovelies. Voted for by The GroundSwell Facie group these are a fun way to get the message out for D2KDay.



D2KDay chatterboxes are available online however we have had many requests for pre-cut, glossy ones too! 


Your final check list

This checklist is designed for easy printing and it is often used at events as a conversation starter.

Feel free to download, print and share!


The Emotional will

An emotional will is about your legacy. It is a way to share your thoughts, values and lessons in life, your passions and hopes and dreams. This downloadable resource can be used at events to start up group discussions or it can be a way to privately consider your legacy. An emotional will can be a good place to start end of life planning, it's a great way to kick start your advance care plan. 

Feel free to download, print and share!


Teabag holders

The 'Dying To Talk' teabag holder was designed through a collaboration between South Western Sydney Palliative Care Volunteers and The GroundSwell Project. 

Instructions for printing / making

You will need double sided printed pages, scissors, teabags + stapler. 

1.  Download and print the pdf using the double side print setting. 4 'holders' fit on an A4 sheet and the Pdf file is set up so you just need to tell your printer to 'print double sided'.

2. Cut: There are faint white lines to follow to guide your cutting. It looks all upside down when you first get them off the printer (so don't worry).

3. Fold the holder in half and staple the teabag in place.