D2KDay Resources

This is where you will find a range of resources to help you make your D2KDay event as successful as possible. From our 2019 posters to the D2KD books that inspired it all. There’s also free resources you can download and print yourself. 
We will be adding more resources and combined packs soon.

A NOTE ON POSTAGE: We will be posting resources at the end of each month between now and Dying to Know Day. If you need your resources prior to the end of the month you are ordering in, please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you have any questions get in touch: holly@thegroundswellproject.com

Free downloadable resources from 2013-2017 can still be found HERE.  

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2019 CAMPAIGN Posters

The ‘Death: It Takes All of Us’ 2019 D2KDay posters are downloadable so you can print your own or you can also buy some.  


2019 CAMPAIGN Postcards

The 'Death: It Takes All of Us’ 2019 D2KDay postcards are a great way to start a conversation about D2KDay and to advertise your event.


Dying to Know Day Campaign Tea Towels

Limited edition, 100% cotton, jumbo size tea towels. We’re excited about this new product this year. A conversation starter. Dry the dishes with a powerful message!



We have the original Dying to Know book back in stock and available!
Price includes postage.

In 2008 Igniting Change published "Dying to Know - bringing death to life". This 'is a ground breaking new book that aims to cut through the taboos and place death firmly in the circle of life. Quirky without being irreverent, accessible without being glib, and challenging without being disturbing, "Dying to Know" is a collection of conversation starters that lifts the lid on death and helps connect us all a little more. Subjects covered include: planning a personalised funeral; ways to help people who are terminally ill; making an emotional will; organ donation; creating online memorials; opening the conversation with children; things to do before you die; and, a host of other topics.

"Dying to Know" is the result of lengthy consultation with palliative care workers, people with terminal illness, funeral industry professionals, children, religious leaders, doctors and those who have lost loved ones. It doesn't claim to be a book with all the answers. Just ideas, insights, advice and inspiring, illustrations about a subject none of us can escape. Read it and then rush into the daylight to get on with the more challenging matter of living.'

D2KD Bumper Sticker.png


Brighten up any car with these 3 vinyl stickers with slogans:

  • 10/10 people die. Are you ready?

  • Death, The last great adventure (prepare for it well)

  • Talk about death it won't kill you

Size: stickers are 20 x 5 cms.

Postage Included. All you need to do is decide if you want 1, 3, 12 or 30! If you are hosting a larger event you can grab a pack of 90 or 180 too. 



D2KDay chatterboxes are available online however we have had many requests for pre-cut, glossy ones too! 


Your final check list

This checklist is designed for easy printing and it is often used at events as a conversation starter.

Feel free to download, print and share!


The Emotional will

An emotional will is about your legacy. It is a way to share your thoughts, values and lessons in life, your passions and hopes and dreams. This downloadable resource can be used at events to start up group discussions or it can be a way to privately consider your legacy. An emotional will can be a good place to start end of life planning, it's a great way to kick start your advance care plan. 

Feel free to download, print and share!