Hospice@Home nurses in Tassie... talking it up

The District Nurses Hospice@HOME Project got busy for the 2015 Dying to Know Day and hosted several events across Tasmania, including a ‘Death at the Pub’ trivia night, music therapy workshop and a death café. They also hosted screenings of the wonderful death-related documentaries Love in our Own Time and A Will for the Woods.

‘Death at the Pub’ focused on the language we use when we talk about death, with four topics in mind: movies, music, general knowledge and Australiana. The host used gentle black humour to quiz people about major news events, famous people, extinct animals and death euphemisms.

Dying to Know Day merchandise was awarded as prizes, and all participants received a chocolate with the message ‘10/10 people die, are you ready?’ on the wrapper. A local artist crafted a skull, which became the highly coveted lucky door prize.

‘Death at the Pub’ promoted a broader understanding of death and dying by making it an everyday conversation and appreciating the language we use about death, dying and bereavement.

The 'offical' date of D2KDay is August 8th each year, however we encourage you to host an event anytime during August.

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