Walk the Talk: Step-up for D2KDay

It’s not JUST about events. It’s individual action too.
Taking action, no matter how big or small, contributes to changing the way we talk about and plan for death. 

So, if you’re not up for hosting an event this year tell us, what will you do?

Ready to walk the talk? Tell us what you plan to do:
I'm doing something else:
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IDEas for action:

Get informed & build your death literacy



  • Talk to your family - here's a guide from Palliative Care Australia

  • Send out some letters telling your loved ones what you love and appreciate about them, and maybe something they might need to know if you were to die suddenly.

  • Write an Emotional Will.


  • Hire a video that touches on death, dying or bereavement & get the tissues ready! If you have children, you could rent a “PG” rated one and use the themes to start a family discussion on death and dying. You’ll likely find that adults have more fear around death than kids do!

  • Have an ancestor dinner where you lay a place for your deceased loved ones and reminisce about their lives

  • Visit a loved one’s grave - have a picnic with them, then decorate it or lay some flowers

  • Go and borrow or buy a ‘deathie’ book.